Sweet baby Dill pickle

Hey everybody, look what I can do! But only for like 5 seconds or so but my mom goes nuts and is singing, dancing and acting like a maniac every time I do it! Yes, I beat my brother by like two weeks too so I am happy!  
Ok, I am going down! Somebody catch me please.  
Old vs. young! Britta is Lasse's mom and is 90 years young, Sweet baby Dill Pickle is 4 months old. It's sweet to see how a little girl like Delilah can bring as many smiles to sombodys face like she does to Britta.
Caroline absolutely adores her little niece. If I know her wright I know she wants one of her own soon! I love to see everybody I love, absoluetly love my kiddos too.
I was sick yesterday and I bet Noah knew it. He was going bizzerk all day, getting into everything and even started to swing in the curtains after a little while. I couldn't wait for his naptime to just sleep and get some rest my self. I feel a lot better today though and Noah is actually back to beeing his normal crazyness too, thank god! Jenny and Milo, Patrik and his girlfriend Ave came over today just to hang out. It's always so nice with some one on one time with my sister to follow up on the latest news in her life. Patrik is totally happy and crazy in love with Ave and I love to see him with her. It's sad that this trip has almost come to an end already, it feels like we just got here. It gets pretty caotic around me and my kids but I love all the comotion every single day brings. I miss my husband a lot and I miss the ability he has to make me saine every night he comes home from work. He is my right hand, the one that pulls me back to life. It's bitter sweet, a goodbye that hurts so muchs leads to a hello that makes me smile with my whole heart. I cry right now just thinking about it and the drama that is my life. But when Delilah gives me that big old smile that hits me right in my heart or when Noah tells me: I love you too! makes it all worth while.     

Childhood personified

My sweet little baby girl just lights up my days with her smiles and her cute personality. How lucky am I too be her mom and to be able to see her grow into this wonderful little person? She has been in our lifes for 4 month already but it's hard to even try to imagine how life was like before she was here. Just about one year ago I found out I was expecting her and now she's here, all little body of hers with the biggest heart you can imagine. This little girl never asks for anything and the times she has been crying her whole life I can count on my two hands. Seriously, how is it possible to be so nice and sweat? She rolls around both ways and has done since she was 3 months. She doesn't like to lay flat but tries to rise to sitting or actually to standing if you hold her hands. It´s not going to take long untill sha is going to be able to sit on her own. I don't think Delilah knows she is only 4 months old and that she is not supposed to be able to do this. She loves her brother and totally light up when she sees him. She sits there and smiles to him waiting for him to see her and smile back. Sometimes Noah doesn't have time to see her but she still sits there and just smile at him.   
I went to have her checked up about a week ago and it's nice to see that I still serve her whipped cream or something. 6120 grams, 61 cm tall and 40 cm around her head. As you can see she's not the teeny tiny little girl no more, not if you compare to the brand new Delilah at least. She got a big ok-stamp in her butt!
We have so much fun over here in Sweden. It's pretty busy having both of the kids by my self but we are figuring it out. I can't believe how some people can do it without a partner, raising kids I meen. If it wasn't for my family that helps me out so much it would have been crazy busy for me. With an active 2 year old who constantly needs stimulation to get rid of all the extra energy it's nice to have all my sisters and brothers who absolutely loves to playing with him. I have to say Margit, you are my rock! She helps me out so much and always with the biggest smile on her face. As long as Dilly is fed and has a nice fresh diaper she is the most easy going kid like you all know, but it's nice to sometimes me able to give her som mommy time and just give her som well deserved love.
Last night I woke up with the biggest and loudest thunders and ligtnings around 6 am. It was pouring down from the sky and I had the worst headache. It turs out the electricity got out and stayed out for like 16 hours. Luckely I got to take a hot shower before the warm water ran out. But the worst thing of all: NO COFFEE all day. That didn't help my poor little head and I got grumpier and grumpier. I had to take a nap with my kids to try to recouperate. Luckely Lasses mom Britta got over around 5 pm with fresh coffee for all of us. We had to order Thai food since we couldn't make any dinner at home. But that was good because the food was awesome. My sisters Caroline, Ida and her boyfriend Robin joined us and let me tell you, it was so nice to sit aroiund the dinner table with just a bunch of candles. Awesome time together with some of the best once. At around 10:30 pm all of a sudden when we sat in the livingroom talking old memories the lights came back and in the kitchen the coffee maker started doing it's thing. Lovely! It's nice somtimes to disconnect from the world, facebook, bloggs, TV and all and just enjoy eachothers company full heatedly. Today is a brand new day and everything is back to normal. Flea market is on the schedule. Enjoy your day what ever it may be filled with, cos you know I will.    

Love is in the air

Wow, wow, wow! I don't know where to begin! One week ago my awesome sister and best friend Jenny married the love of her life David. What an amazing day, filled with so much love, tears of joy, smiles and lots of partying. The wedding couple absolutely glowed and we all felt the love they have for each other. I am so happy that I could come and be a part of all these memories that we now treasure in our hearts forever. My sister was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen and the smile on her face lit up the room all day. Happyness is what I am feeling! Proudness too! The food was so deliscious and the cake, peanutbutter chocolate cake, was the highlight of my day. Yummmmo! I can honestly say that this was the most beautiful and luxurious wedding I have ever been to. The only thing missing was my hubby Bart. He sure knows how to get a party going and it was empty not having him right there next to me. When everybody started doing the slow dance I just sat there thinking of my husband. But, no wheining like Bart would have said him self.  
In the church Noah and Delilah were sitting with my mom and Lasse since I was standing up front with my sisters as one of the bridesmaid. Noah was such a good boy that I couldn't believe my eyes. After each song or psalm he said out loud: All done! Delilah was also super good, like always, and of ourse I didn't get to hold her pretty much all night since she was passed between everybodys lap. I held a speach, wich was a superhit, considering all the laughters I heard. It felt nice doing this for my sister and David even though I was nervous before of course. As soon as I stood up and started talking all nervousness went away and I didn't want to stop. I love love love being infront of an audience, especially a lauging one. Maybe I should considder stand up comedy. Jenny had hired a nanny for the boys and they hung out on the second floor of the party hall. I made some sandwiches and brought some snacks for them. I was a little nervous about Noah wanting to get down to all of us down stairs, but not once did he try to escape. He must have had too much fun with his cousins. Delilah fell asleep after a few hours and slept in a stroller in a small little room that I found. It's amazing how good she sleeps with all that comotion going on in the room next door. After the most romantic first dance I have ever witness (of course I balled my eyes out) the DJ started doing his thing. OMG the party started and EVERYBODY got up on the dancefloor. I danced like a maniac, like there was no tomorrow and we all had soooooo much fun. Tooo bad everything good comes to an end too quickly. 3 hours of pure joy felt like 3 minutes. I packed up the kids aroud 1 am and went over to Jenny's house to spend the night. Delilah didn't even wake up to see what was going on, but kept sleeping the whole way over. Margit and David's sister Romina where there to helt me out. What a fun day. My heart is over joyed of happiness for Jenny and David becomming husband and wife this day, a beutiful day in August. May you guys have many years of joy together, wich I am so convinced you will since you know the most important ingrediant for successful marriage is laughter. Laugh with eachother and always remember to smile. I love you guys so much and thank you for an amazing day and party.

silly dilly & nono

Noah has been sick a little my poor little guy! A really high fever from nowhere and then he just threw up all over the my moms sofa! Silly Dilly hasn't gotten any of that thank god! Today Noah is back to his old self like nothing has happened! Tomorrow I have an appointment with the nurse to have Dilly weighed and measured and its always fun! Better update tomorrow...I promise...if life doesn't get in the way!

Naptime = mommy time

Another busy day has come to an end. Dilly and Noah took a nap together in the afternoon and I actually had some time catching up on some of my duties. They were so cute laying in bed together and my mommy heart melted a little as always. I wrote my speach and let me tell you, it's a good one! Sad but funny...the best combo. I resisted taking a nap my self today I and feel a lot better now jetlag-wise and all so that's good. I took a 5 min shower thinking I wood be done before they woke up. It's just that the crazy dogs over here spotted somthing interessting outside and started going bizzerk on the bottom floor. When I got out and in to the bedroom I saw Noah sitting in Delilah's bed smiling to me saying: Baby happy mommy! Then he just starts to hug and kiss her while she gives him the biggest smiles. So cute! I kept getting ready in the bathroom hearing them in the bedroom just next door when I hear Noah say: Deyaya all gone, all gone mommy! I walk in to see Dilly all coverd with her blankets and just wiggeling her little body trying to understand what was going on. When I take the blanket off her face she's just smiling the biggset smile, like nothing has happened. Always so easy going and just loving all her brother's little games. I had to tell Noah that he couldn't do that of course even though he was just playing. Silly boy! He starts to appreciate his sister more and more and that is so sweet to see. When my mom came home from work we were just chit chating about the wedding and making sure we are all prepared for the big day. Noah and I went for a little walk out in the neighbourhood and Noah just loved it. He's so good not running away from me any more, but just walks there right next to me talking about everything he sees. When we left my moms house he waved to it and said "Bye bye momo home". My boy is getting so big. Ok, I'm tired and should have been sleeping long ago. See ya'll soon again. XOXO Jossan   


I am...tired as if I just got run over by a bulldozer or something. The kids are both sleeping all night but this crazy mom is up in the middle of the night writhing my speach for the weddingcouple. We are all so excited for this wedding and it's pretty much all we talk about, plan for and look forward to. Bring it on, we want to part ya'll.
I had to take a nap when Noah and Dilly took one after lunch today, but when I woke up like 3 hours later I was even more tired. Noah is so good and has gotten a lot more calm since last time before Dilly was born. He can sit and draw or play with his little new toys I got for him for the trip for hours. He likes to be able to play in the backyard more again, but thinks he can run out with barley any cloths on like he can at home. He is freezing and gets so happy when I come after him with his jacket and shoes. I still can't trust him running around on his own when is out there since he can jump the fence really easy. He seems to get my point though, when I tell him, but one time he got over just to run back in the front door again. I better stay out there with him before somthing happens. I absolutely just love hanging out with my mom and sis Margit and bro Pontus now during the weekends. The kids are heading back for school soon so so far we are all just enjoying hanging out, playing with the kiddos and just having a good old time together. I am so thankful to be here and is walking around with the biggest smile on my face all day. The bride, my sister, Jenny is getting a little nervous now and I think she is as close to a bridezilla she will ever be right now. It feels like she has everything under control though, but she tells me that if I would see how she's feeling on the inside it's a totally diffrent thing. I remember that week, the week befor the big day, lots of things to do to make it a perfect day. I really hope she knows I will help her with everything possible, anything she wants me to do. I like to be involved and a part of where everything is happeing. I am kind of sad that I am not able to see her get ready that day, be her moral support and just be there like one of the bridemaids. I have the kids and everybody else are involved with other thing with the wedding so nobody can take Noah for me. Oh well, maybe I'll be alright! Okidoki, bed is calling. Tons of hugs and kisses from all of us over here    

We are here!

I just have to say how amazingly smooth everything went today. My two little darlings were so good and even took a 3 hour nap together on the long flight over the Atlantic. I was watching my all time favorite "My big fat greek wadding" and also Lampoon Vaccation. Let me just tell you, the portable DVD is not just absolutely perfect for 2 yeard old kids but for moms as well. Of course Noah got a couple of attacs of the "ants in the pants" syndrome but stayed with me and in his seat the whole time. But I came prepared and got a use of all little misscellaneous things I broght for Noah. Delilah was just like the little angel she always is and my herat breaks for her being such a good little girl. She just lit up everybodys world with her pressence and made so many smile today just from being the happiest little girl. Seriously, she didn't cry or fuss the whole entire trip. In Atlanta I had to recheck my bag, joggle everything with Dills in the Babybjorn through security and that was a sweaty business especially considdering my 2 hour layover. We got to the gate as they just called my name to get my seat assignd, I saw that Noahs diaper had started to leak everywhere and he was soaking wet poor little guy. After changing on him right off the floor at a corner of the airport we rushed over to the counter and boarded the plane. I was happy to see we got a whole row to our self and in the enonomy comfort department of the plane. Sweet! We just relaxed and enjoyed a pretty smooth flight and 8 hours later we landed i Copenhagen. We all got so happy to see my brother Patrick waiting for us at the exit with a Swedish and American flag. Today we have just enjoyed hanging out with all of my fam, like the good old days. Noah remembered everybody as it was yesterday. Delilah melted everybadys hearts away. But I knew that was going to happen. I got to take a litte nap with Dills when everybody played with Noah and woke up just in  time for dinner. I hope my kidds will sleep tonight and continue be really good for their mom. I am going to just enjoy every little second back here cos I know the day will come when it's time to leave again. Good night, sleep tight to ya'll

Nu far vi...

Ja, nu har lillans pass kommit och vi ar resklara. Borjar bli ganska ruttad som sagt sa an sa lange ar det lugnt. Vaskan full med godsaker, spel, kritor och filmer till Tarzan och aven lite ersattning om lillan skulle amma slut pa all min mjolk. Har endast en carry-on vaska med mig, vilket racker gott och val. Sen har jag baby-bjornen till lillan och dubbelvagnen som jag saklart gate-checkar. Det kommer ga bra det har, har ju gjort exakt samma resa x antal ganger, sa det har blir en baggis. Ar sa galet kar att fylla pa mitt familje-konto, saval van-konto som numera gapa tomt. Jag ar galet glad att ni alla ska fa ta del av det alla karaste jag har, mina galet tokiga och underbart fina ungar. Noah har ett speciellt satt att titta pa bompa pa mornarna, staendes pa huvudet med rumpan bar. Han langtar efter att fa sno momos hallon och smaka hennes mumsiga smoothies. 
Sen kommer ni ocksa fa ta del av det har, syskonkarlek nar den ar som bast. Det kommer formodligen fa era hajrtan att smalta lika mycket som vara!
Mina underbara ungar...i egen hog person. Ni kommer formodligen kanna av den lite kaotiska vardagen med 2 sma harliga barn i full utveckling. Ljudnivan kommer vara nagra decibeller hogre an vanligt men smilen och skratten ni kommer fa och ge kommer pa nagot magiskt satt att dubblas. Ja, ni kommer helt enkelt fa traffa hela tokigt livsglada, nastan hela, familjen Mendonca.
Delilah koncentrerar sig pa att greppa efter leksaker numera. Riktigt roligt att se sitt lilla knyte utvecklas till en riktig flicka. Ja, nu ar vi alltsa sakerligen pavag nu nar ni dar hemma i Schweeden laser detta. Vi anlander till Kopenhamns flygplats kl 09:25 fredags morgon och hoppas saklart att varat baggage har gjort det samma. Nu vantar en hel underbar manad pa hemma plan. Konstigt att behova stappla rundor i riktiga skor och inte flip flops langre. Undrar om jag komma frysa rumpan av mig, tror nasta det med tanke pa vaderleksrapporten jag fatt. Men vad gor det egentligen nar mitt hjarta kommer vara varmt och hela jag kommer vara lycklig att ater fa spendera tid med mina underbara hemma i Sverige. See ya soon biatches...adios amigos, hola amigos!

Slut i rutan

Har plockat, packat och fixat hela dan med undantag fran ett besok pa BVC med Noah. Han fick vaccin idag och drog bort armen precis nar han blev stucken, skrek gjorde han och var riktigt forbannad pa skoterskan. Han gav henne the evil eye, och argare blev han da han blev stucken 2 ganger. Jaja, han glomde det ganska snabbt och fick ett kistermarke som plaster pa saren. Det ar ju en del att packa for oss alla 3, sarskillt nar man ska vara borta en hel manad. Men det trakiga ar att mitt smarta jag kom pa att jag skickat in lillans svenska pass med ansokan om det amerikanska sa nu kommer vi inte ivag imorgon trots allt. Men som Bart sager: Om det inte skulle stula sa ar det ju inte familjen Mendonca. Tur i alla fall att jag plannerat att komma ivag sa pass mycket tidigare an brollopet som ager rum den 20 de augusti. Det kan ju dyka upp bade det ena och det andra pa en sa lang flight och nar man flyger stand by med tva kids. Men passet ar i antagande da Bart ringde och kollade status. Det ar skickat och forhoppnningsvis kommer det imorgon. Routen denna gang blir troligtvis Atlanta och sen Kopenhamn sa Moncan, vi ses pa brollopet minsann! Sa alskade familj, vi kommer snart, det lovar jag er. En dag senare innebar ju att jag stannar en dag extra hos er. Laddar Noah nya portabla DVD att ha pa resan och har aven kopt en del nya filmer at min troll unge. Han alskar't och forhoppningsvis haller det honom pa sin plats. Min alskade lilla tos leker numera med fotterna och forsoker stoppa in de i munnen. Dregla har hon borjat gora en del och forsoker gnaga pa allt och alla. Kanske att det ar en tand pa g. Jag sjalv fick tander tidigt om jag minns ratt av vad min mamma berattat. Igar rullade hon kors over vardagsrums-golvet medans jag satt som ett fragetecken och tittade pa hennes konster. Underbara lilla tosabit. Tror alla dar hemma kommer bli riktigt chockade over att se en sa pass stark, stadig och uber-tidig tjej. Nar vi lamnde Sverige var hon ju bara 1 manad och liten som ett knyte. Det har ju hant en del med henne om man sager sa. Jag aterkommer med detaljer innan jag far sa att ni haller koll pa laget. Hall nu tummarna pa att passet kommer imorgon!

Packa o fixa nu

Sa har mysigt hade jag och Noah det i fredags ute i tradgarden i vantan pa Bart. Lillan sov gott inne i sin sang. Noah springer i sin spridare med pa tok for varmt vatten och jag sitter och schteker i eftermiddagssolen som fortfarande branner. Var hos frisoren med Noah innan pa morgonen sa nu ser han ut som folk igen. Sa stilig sa maste jag saga! Helgen har gatt alldeles for fort, som den alltid gor nufor tiden tycker jag. Bart och jag har akt och fixat sma saker och med tva sma barn tar det sin lilla tid. Ar det inte lillan som ska fyllas pa med mat, sa ar det Noah eller morsan och farsan. Mysfaktorn har sa klart varit hog da vi ska vara borta fran Bart i nagra veckor nu. Men vi ar vana nu! Jag har till och med lyxat till det med en harlig pedikyr nu i helgen, sa jakla skont och jag bara satt dar och mos med lite harlig skvallerblaska. Det kan verkligen inte bli battre.
Jag ar galet glad att fa mysa med min underbara familj nu igen. Vi har en del att ta igen kan jag meddela. Barts syster Amy fyllde i ar igar och vi hade lite kalas for henne. Knakfullt med ungar i Jolenes lilla lagenhet, men trevligt hade vi! Idag ar det mandags morgon och jag MASTE verkligen borja packa nu. Pa natt satt har jag inte fatt tummarna loss annu. Men forst vantar en stor harlig nybryggd kap koffe (som Carran och jag brukade saga :) Sen maste jag inhandla lite smatt, mest underhallning till Noah att ha pa resan. Min underbar lilla tos ligger fortfarande och sover sa far passa pa att fixa lite nu. Ma sa gott my sweeties XO Jossan

Nono alskar att rita

Kolla bara in min Tarzan sa roligt han har med sina nya tushpennor. Som tur ar ar der barnvanliga pennor sa det ar bara att halla upp lite vatten i badkaret och lata honom bada lite sa forsvinner de. Han alskar att bada ocksa sa det passa oss utmarkt. Han sager: Mamma rita fot Nono, nono like rita, nono inte rita mage. Han ar en pratkvarn ska ni veta! Hela meningar kommer nu. Nu ikvall badade Bart med bada barnen och efter en stund ropar Noah: Mamma, Delilah all done! Hur gulligt ar inte det att hora, mitt mamma hjarta smalter som vanligt. Ar det inte Noah sa ar det ju Delilah som far sitt mamma att smalta. Plannerar att komma till Sverige nu pa torsdag, kanske nagon dag senare beroende pa hur flightsen ser ut. Har kopt allt som bruden Jenny har bett om sa nu ar det bara att packa ner kiddsen i resvaskan och dra till Europa. Kanske att det blir att vi stannar i London och hoppas pa att fa hanga hos Moncan om vi inte skulle komma med planet till Kopenhamn (om det ar ok tjejen?). Annars kommer jag skaffa en dvd-spelare till Noah som han kan ha under flygresan da han verkligen alskar sin Cars- film. Skaffa underhallning iform av kritor, block, roliga sma leksaker, snacks och annat som kan tankas halla en vild Tarzan i styr under en 15 timmars resa till Schweeden. Jag ar nog ganska tokig som flyger med tva sa sma barn sjalv, men man maste bara ta tjuren vid hornen och gora't, annars kommar jag ju aldrig kunna lamna detta land och hitta pa saker pa egen hand. Jag ar ganska chill och relaxad pa flesta plan sa jag ar garanterad att det kommer ga bra. Ses snart mina underbara. Jag langtar ska ni veta. Pussar och kramar fran en lite crazy Josse 

Lilla lillan

Jag satt och tittade pa gamla bilder och inlagg fran bloggen haromdan och tackar gudarna for att jag verkligen bloggar. Tank vilken skatt att komma ihag allt vi gor och kanslorna som man har. Knasigt att lasa om tiden innan lillan anns fanns i magen, tiden jag var gravid utan att veta att det verkligen var en liten Delilah dar inne, tiden da jag bara hade ett barn att ra om, for hon har val alltid funnits hos oss varan lilla lillan? Men jag vet att alla ganger man haft den dar underbara kanlan av lycka och nar man gatt omkring med en stort smile pa lapparna for ingen speciell orsak, det var ju lillan som fanns med mig redan da fanst hon inte anns var patankt.

Nu ar hon har och sa himmla sjalvklar att det ar svart att forestalla sig ett liv innan Delilah. Underbara lilla flickebarn, vad du gor mig glad. Jag pussar och kramar den dar flickan sakert 1000 ganger om dan och anda vill jag bara ha mer. For drygt 1 ar sedan nu i dagarna fick jag beskedet om att en liten liten varelse vaxte i min mage, och pa nagot satt visste jag att det var en tos. Tank att hon var mindre an ett sandkorn alldeles nyss och att hon nu fyller en sa stor plats i vara liv. I 3,5 manade har hon varit var dotter och det gar undan nu alltsa. Hon har rullat runt fran mage till rygg i ca 2 veckors tid nu och gor det nu flera ganger per dag. Idag sa rullade hon faktiskt runt fran rygg till mage ocksa och blir sa glad och nojd nar hon val lyckas. Det lustiga ar att hon forfarande ar sa mini ju och att hon ar sa otroligt tidig med allt detta. Hon liksom staller sig pa kna ocksa for att sen knuffa sig fram. Hon kommer riktigt langt och blir arg nar hon hamnar pa harda mattan. Annars sa ligger hon och sprattlar glatt pa sin filt ganska lange innan hon trottnar. Hon ar stark och stadig och gillar att sta upp om mamma eller pappa haller henne. Lyser i kapp med solen gor hon och skrattar med hela sin kropp nar hon hittar vara blickar. Att en sa lite mini kan gora sa stor skillnad i vara liv ar for mig en gata. Folk blir helt hispiga och glada nar de ser en sa sot liten tos och de ar mer an glada att komma fram och beratta. An sa lange gar det hur bra som helst att hoppa fran famn till famn och skrattar gor hon till alla som skrattar tillbaka.  

Jag tror inte man kan bli mer stolt och kanna mer karlek som man gor over sin alldeles egna alskade familj. Jag maste ha gjort nagot riktigt bra for att fortjana detta underverk i min lilla famn.

Skållad råtta

For som e reason Noah knows exactlly where the mascara goes. I guess he must have just learned by looking at me doing it. It's funny the things they pick up without you knowing. I better start watching my language better now I guess :)

Jag vet inte varfor, man jag har haft fullt upp idag. Drog med kiddsen till gallerian for kids club. Dar skulle jag traffa min granne, men pa natt satt lyckades vi ga om varandra. Var tokigt mycket folk idag och Noah hade myror i brallan. Jag rakade klamma lillans fot nar jag forsokte knoka ur vagnen ur bilen och hon hangde i babybjornen. Starckar liten! Hon som aldrig ar ledsen annars, tyckte inte alls det var kul och var lite smakinkig efter detta. Musikstunden gick hyffsat och som vanligt var det jag som liksom fick muta Noah att sitta ner hos mamma och lyssna. Han gillar klistermarken sa han far nagra da och da som han klistrar fast lite overallt, det haller honom underhallen en stund i alla fall. Sen gick vi upp och kollade pa valparna i djuraffaren och det gillade Noah skrapt. Noah hoppade pa och av vagnen precis hela tiden och lillan ville varken sitta i babybjornen eller vagnen. Sa jag fick konka pa henne och se till att Noah inte rev ner allt i affaren. Svettigt varre kan jag meddela Blev av med Tarzan typ i 10 minuter dar ett tag och holl pa att fa ett litet servsammanbrott. Precis som jag ber en stilla bon sa hoppar han fram och ser inte alls bekymrad ut att ha varit borta. Efter lite shopping iform av skor, hoodie och nagra tishor (drar ju till kalla Sverige snart) sa blev det att snabbt som satan trycka ner en pizza slize i halsen, i med lite mat i Noah som kanppt aldrig ater och amma en vralhungrig tos pa det. In med kiddsen i en stekhet bil och hem. Sa klart att Noah somnade i bilen och att man inte fick den dar barnfria eftermiddagen som man alltid ser fram emot. Naja, lillan somnade efter lite tummy-time och Noah ser pa Cars sa lite egentid fick jag i alla fall. Phjuuu...visst vet man att man lever nar man har 2 sma att irra rundor med i alla fall.   

Mina fina, nya och urgulliga Roxyskor fick folja med hem idag. Det basta ar att de ar skosnors-losa och att de blev mina for ynka 29 dollar. Hasta la vista mina gullungar! 

I am an artist at living...

...my work of art is my life!

Igar var en lite sentimental dag for mig. Jag tog mig tid till reflektion kan man saga, istallet for att fara rundor som jag annars hade valt att gora. Borjade lasa en bra bok (las: forsokte lasa da jag hade en ammandes flicka hangandes pa tutten och en galen uttrakad Tarzan klangandes pa ryggen) jag blivit rekomenderad av min syster Jenny att lasa: Munken som salde sin Ferrari. Dar hittade jag dagens ordssprak som gav mig lite insikt. Livet jag har ar mitt livsverk och jag malar det sa som vi sjalv vill. For att kunna forandra vara liv och uppna vara hogsta drommar maste vi forst inse hur bra vi har det. Darfor har jag bestamt mig for att i denna fina bok, jag sprang pa for nagra veckor sedan, borja skriva en tacksamhetsdagbok. For vi maste inse att vi har sa mycket vi kan vara glada och stolta for och det galler att bli medveten om det ocksa. Sen fortsatter jag att affirmera som jag brukar och darfor har lite lappar kommit upp har och dar har hemma. Har ett flertal ganger fatt underbara onskningar att sla in sa vi fortsatter nu med att gora intelektet och hela min sjal medveten om allt det goda som strommar till mig. Jag vet att detta later sentimentalt, men ibland ar det sa jakla skont att gora mer konkret av allt man gar och bar pa. Bjuder aven idag pa syret i mitt blod, ryggraden i min rygg, karleken i mitt liv, mina gullungar. Delilahs lar ar sa goa att man kan ata upp dem, ett efter ett. Noah leker med sin sparbossa och har riktigt roligt med att tomma och fylla den pa nytt. Kan meddela att jag hade slantar i hela vardagsrummet efter en halvtimmes lek. Men vad gor det om hundra ar? Jag brukar saga, smuts ar livet! Han fick ju hjalpa mig att plocka upp dem :) Ibland later jag Noah busa och leka med lite opraktiska prylar, men det ar bara sa att man kan fa lite kvalitetstid som mamma. Ibland far man lite jobb efterat sa klart, men just den dar halvtimmen ar guld vard hemma hos oss i alla fall. Njut livet min van och inse att du har mycket som du bor vara tacksam for, inse hur bra du har det!     

Trottare an trottast idag...

...vilket ar ganska ovanligt for mig. Jag har alltid hundra jarn i elden annars men har INTE alls kunnat sova de senaste natterna. Maste bero pa det alltsa for jag har verkligen ingen energi idag. Har en hel lista pa grejer som ska fixas men yrar bara omkring har hemma och gor allt halv dant. Plockar tvatt och kommer pa att jag maste ladda kaffabryggarn och innan jag laddat bryggarn sa kommer jag pa att gora natt annat. Sa allt har tagit dubbelt sa lang tid som vanligt idag. Trotta mig Josse! Har inte pallat mig ut ur huset pa hela dan, inte anns till gymmet som jag annars springer ivag till sa fort Bart visar sig i dorren. Jag vet inte vad det ar med mig idag. Barnen har skott sig som vanligt och faktiskt sovit lite middag samtidigt sa att denna trotta mamman fick 1 timmas egentid. Men da passade jag pa att ta min islatte i lugn o ro och bara sitta framfor dumburken/ datorn. Kolla in mina kiddz sa de busade i kvall med Bart. Lillan sitter pa Noahs rygg och forsoker nog ta tag i haret. Noah tycker bara att det ar kul och ropar efter mer nar hon slapper taget. Hehehe, roliga ungar! 

Snart tror jag nog att hon hittar sina fotter att leka med. Nara, nara ar hon i alla fall. Sot som socker ocksa - I know! Sa glad ar hon och alskar verkligen att leva. Hon skattar fran djupet av sitt hjarta och gor sin mamma superglad i alla fall. Hoppas pa mer energi imorgon efter en hel natts djup och otroligt god somn. Kan ju verkligen inte klaga pa att Delilah haller mig vaken om natterna, hon sover helt ostort bredvid oss. Samma med Noah som dock sover i sitt eget rum. Han vackte inte mig forrans 09:30 imorse men da hade jag och lillan varit vakna sedan 07:00 da lillan var redo for frulle. Mysigt att fa lite egen tid, bara lillan och jag. God natt mina fina nu ska jag ga o sussa kudden

Bart och Nono goes bananas...

Idag flog det forbi en riktig storm med en massa regn och blixtrar o dunder. Eftersom det ar valdigt ovanligt med regn har sa blir var o varannan manniska har lite skogstokig nar det val hander. Kolla bara in mina killar sa tokiga de blir nar regnet oser ner. De tyckte sjalvklart att det var hur kul som helst. Jag o lillan holl oss under altantaket men mos faktiskt riktigt mycket av att se killarnas tokigheter. Det luktar riktigt gott har ocksa nar det regnar, typ som stal eller natt. Vi alla njuter av lite vatten fran skyarna.

Annars har vi kopt skor till Noah (converse) att ha pa brollopet och aven nya Levis jeans (13,99 dollar). Maste ju kopa lite klader att ha i kylan dar borta. Hor att det regnar en del sa det galler att vara forberedd. Kommer att borja forbereda oss med att packa vaskor och handbagage redan nu i dagarna da vi faktiskt kommer att resa till Sverige om mindre an 2 veckor. Kan ju knappt fatta att det redan ar dags att bege oss. Langtar som fasen att se alla och sarskillt sa langtar jag till brollopet mellan jentami o david. Man borjar kanna att det snart ar dags och att alla ar pumpade till max att fa det att bli till nagot extra sarskillt. Jag sjalv kommer ju fa jobba riktigt ordentligt da jag ar sjalv med mina 2 ungar, men forhoppningsvis sa kommer jag fa lite hjalp for annars vet jag inte hur det kommer ga. Naja, det loser sig nog. Imorgon ska jag ta Noah till frissan och trimma hans kallufs. Sen har jag en del bestallningar fran diverse manniskor att kopa innan vi reser sa det galler att fa det gjort nu sa fort som mojligt. Ja, nu ar det brada dagar som sagt. Pussar o kramar mina underbara. Ska ga o mysa med mannen nu (maste se till att han har det bra med, precis som alla andra runt omkring mig. Nar ska man fa lite Josse -tid da? Naja, det kommer val nar man gar i pension eller natt!)  XOXO Jossan

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