Week 36 (35+0)

Mommy and Noah are cozying it up with Dills in my tummy after a nap today. It's ofiicially 5 week untill my duedate today and I am really enjoying these last days/ week being pregnant. It's rough at times but when I do get to sit down and relax for a while, usually at naptime, I do enjoy these one on one moments with my little girl. Some naights when I am totally exhausted I do think to my self...please stay in this night a least little Dills so that I can rest a little bit. But every day that passes is one closer to see our baby girl. We are super excited!  

I do hear a lot of diffrent opinions about my belly. So tiny, so big...I do think I am smaller overall this time around compared to Noah. 10 Kg (20lbs) plus is what the scale is showing, so I have to say I feel pretty good about my self. I went for a check up and my belly is meassuring right on target at about 33 cm. A strong little heartbeat at 130 made my mommy-heart feel warm and happy as usual. Noah got to come with me and was nicely playing with some toys while I was getting checked-up. Thank's for that mommy's little baby boy.  

Noah is the biggest cookie monster around as you can see. It's hard to get him to sit still and get a nice pic of the boy but here are some that I took today. We have been at my sister Jenny's house this week. Noah has been playing with Milo a lot and at times they are playing really good together. So cute to see the two cousins together again. Thank you Jenny and David for a very fun week filled with so many new memories and ofcourse a ton of laughter. This week we are back at my moms house (we have to let them all have us for a while each since they all want to have us:). Just chilling and haninging out with some friends is what we have planned for this week. Not a whole lot of energy is left in this maxed out preggo right now. See ya soon my followers! Hasta la vista baby!

Miss seeing these guys together :(

My wonderful guys! It hurts my heart seperating the two! Did we make a misstake comming here and splitting up the family? Everyday I wonder! Please make the time fly so Bart can come soon and bring us together again! I now Noah is sad, he is showing in his own way that he's not happy with the new situation! Let me just tell you, right now more than ever I need to have my husband here. It was so much more difficult than I could have ever imagined. Bart and I tell eachother every time we talk on the phone at night that this is the last time we will do this. It is not worth it! I really hope and pray that Bart will make it here on time for the birth of our wonderful daughter, I need my rock there!

My belly...

is now working as a pillow for Noah! Week 34 now and time is really flying right now. Noah is keeping his mommy really busy. He is starting to get comfortable here and getting to know each one of my family member. He is so sweet and brings a lot of smiles and laugheter every where he goes. He's a very social guy who tries to talk to every stranger he can. Today we went to the swimming hall and had some fun. We also hung out with aunt Caroline and I had mommy approved sushi for lunch. There is a crazy blizzard out tonight (crazy cold over here)! How are we going to be able to survive these freezing temperatures? We miss AZ, espesially the sun and the blue skyes. Bart told me it was over 90 degrees (30 C) over there now. Me like a lot! This weekend almost all of us sisters and my mom are going to a big bridal store to help Jenny pick out the number one dress for the wedding in August. Davis has offered to take Noah for me!
 I can't belive it's almost time for us to get one more amazing little kid in our family. A precious little girl is going to make her apperence so soon. My hips and back are sometimes bothering me but other than that this pregnancy has been a lot smoother on my body. Noah has been keeping me busy and there's no time to be sitting around complaing about aikes an paines. Delilah is welcome when ever she pleases, there's no rush because I know this time being pregnant will be over so soon. I really try to savor each moment in life, soon enough it's all changed and you will regret that you longed for another time.      
Can you see that this boy is full of energy? I love this little guy so much there are now words. I love to be here right now and let my family see and enjoy him as much as we do. Bart, you are missed! I long for the day we will be together as a family again. I need you there when Dilly is getting born! Aight?  

Blue eyed boy

I have hard times uploading my photos on my moms computer to show you guys what we are up to over here, so I will have to use this photo from my moms blog. Does he have blue eyes or what? He is so darn cute and still make his mommys heart melt. I am so thankful for everybody over here helping me with this wild little guy right now. My back is killig me at times and Noah is more active than ever. Not a good combo for a big preggo lady like myself right now. What have we been up to lately? I went for my 33 week appointment with my lovely midwife and got to check out the little lady i my belly. She is now head down and ready for departure. She will have to wait a few more weeks ofcourse but it's getting closer. Other than that we have just gotten situated over at my mom's house. We are trying to catch up on the time we have lost and Noah is charming everybodys pant off. What else can you imagine with this cutiepie? So far we have just been chillin and drinking way too much coffee. I have totally forgotten how much coffee we drink in this country ;) But it's a good way to hang out and relax together. We miss our Bart ofcourse, thinking and talking about him all the time. But we are used to this and I know I will see him so soon! Just hang in there Josefine! Alright, I hear my sister calling saying that it's coffe time. I think she has been baking some yummy cookies with Noah, I heard them in the kitchen! See ya soon again andthan hopefully with fresh pic!

I freakin passed...

Hello everybody! I just got an email from my hubby Bart over in the US that I got a letter saying that I passed my nurse test. I had to read it like ten times before I actually didn't belive he was just messing with me. I PASSED! Can you freaking belive it? Ofcourse, pregnant and full of hormones as I am, I started balling my eyes out. I PASSED! I have no clue how the heck it happened but somehow I must have got like 95 % of the questions right. I only got the minimum amount of questions and I had to guess on every single one of them. Obviously I am a little smarter than I realize. Now I will just have to come up with a really freaking awesome way to celebrate my success. Got any ideas?

By the way: We are in Sweden again! After about 11 hours in the air we landed and Noah was behaving like the little prince he is. He fell asleep as soon as we took off from JFK New York and I hade to wake him up when it was time to get off the plane in Copenhagen, toally 7 hrs. He is totally awesome letting his mom eat, watch a movie and gettign some sleep as well. Too bad my luggage didn't make it with us though. We have been walking around in the same outfit since we got here, washing it though, but still not very convenient. It was so fun to see everybody over here again. Ofcourse very emotional since it's been 5 months we saw eachother last. It's soooo COOOLD over here though. I think I am going to freeze my butt off. It's freezing! We miss Bart soooo much already. I am already counting down untill I see him again. It hurts my heart having to seperate Noah and Bart since I know how much they love eachother. There is only so much a mom can give to her son. The realtionship between a father and a son is irreplacable. What kills me the most is that I can't explain to Noah where daddy is    :( But the best thing about kids are that they live in the moment and 7 weeks will seem like 1 day for Noah. Now I just heard the doorbell and my suitcase just got here. Halleluja moment! See you later aligator! Now family fun time is calling!

Nu drar vi...

Nu ar det slurtspurten har borta overe here. Jag har mest varit runt och shoppat alla bestallningar som jag fatt fran folk hemmavid. Converseskor, Bare minerals, Exuviance. Jag lyxade faktiskt till det med en ny och frash amningsbh fran min alskade Vickan (Victoria's secret). Egentligen ar det en helt vanlig BH med knappning fram mellan bysten och ungefar som ett brottarlinne i ryggen. Asbekvam var den och dyr sa klart. Men vet ni vad...vi firade min fodelsedag lite tidigt har borta da vi inte ar har pa dagen d och jag fick en massa cash av alla sa en ny BH fick det bli :) Magen min ar rund och god i alla fall, vaxer sa det knakar. Vecka 32 ar har och om 2 manader sa ar det beraknat. Noah och jag laddade upp med amerikanska pannkakor imorse, i brist pa annat :) Gott som tusan! Sen for vi till gallerian och fixade med lite shopping. Bart kom hem vid lunch idag, tog en halvdag pa jobb da han ville komma hem och mysa med oss en sista dag :( Sorgligt varre! Kommer sakna min man, kommer allt sakna USA (det stora landet ii vast som har allt att erbjuda). Men ash da! Nu ska jag nuta av alla underbaringar hemma i Sverige. Ska forsoka packa ner lite varme och solsken att bjuda pa. See ya'll biatches :) 


...ar jag helt saker pa. Jag forstar mig inte pa detta land och vad de kraver av sina syrror. Jag har en bachelor in science of nursing, ar legitimerad syrra och har jobbat over aret pa en avdelning med akut sjuka manniskor. Jag menar, jag har aldrig haft svart for studier. Ganska smart anser jag mig vara, utan att skyta! Men har i detta land ar jag en riktig sopa. Sa mycket man ska kunna, kanns verkligen inte som om det anns ar menat att jag ska jobba som syrra har. Tydligen har jag inte tillraklig kompetens for att kunna jobba har. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....Man ska tydligen ga omkring som ett helt uppslagsverk och bara kunna rapa upp ALLT! Kanns som om man ska ha kopetens som lakarna! Nej, nagon matta far det vara! Jag gjorde sa gott jag kunde men arg ar jag sa jag kokar! Hade varit gott med nagra glas vin for att kunna lugna ner mina sonderstressade nerver...men ack ack...det far ju vanta!

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