Baby Eliot is here

Welcome little baby boy! 5 days early but still 9,5 lbs (4260 g). My sister did a great job delivering this precious baby like the champ she is. By the time they arrived at the hospital untill he was born it took 6 hours. Times like these I wish I wasn't on the other side of the world, but home celebrating IRL together with my wonderful sister. Enjoy this precious time Jenny and David. Try to remember every little moment.

Postat av: Sofie - Livet på landet med tre små!

Vilken liten sötnos! Stort grattis till dom!

2012-11-11 @ 10:11:45
Postat av: Ida Petterson

saknar dig josse..<3<3

2012-11-11 @ 13:10:53

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