Crazy times

My heart is filled with so much love when I see these pictures. All these crazy fun times is yet again comming to an end. I don't know how much longer I can do this. Everytime I say goodbye it's like a little piece of my hert i ripped out. Because no matter how you look at it, this is life. Spending time with all these wonderful people is life. I am looking forward for when Jenny, David and Milo are comming to Arizona this winther though and it's nice to get back to sunny blue skies everyday again. Bart has promised me that a freaking big hug is waiting for me at the airport so of course I do have lots to look forward to again. I will get back to work this fall a couple of weekends a month, mostly to get out and socialize a little again. I am going to try to get to know my neighbours a little better just to not feel as freaking lonely as a do over there. I have to say that is the hardest with all of this,  the loneliness. Can you just imagine going from all of the commotion that I am surrounded with when I am over here to doing everything on my own over there. But you know what, I have the power my self to try to make it better. So that's what I will do! Silly Dilly just fell asleep for a little nap and I hear Noah playing with Pontus on the bottom floor. My cousines and Britta are comming later to say goodbye so I will have to get back to packing, prepping, doing laudry and printing out all the information for tomorow's trip. I 'll be back again!  

Postat av: Carro

Du är så grym Josse, blir imponerad av ditt jävlaranamma och ditt go! Men klart att du också kan få vara lite ledsen och uppgiven ibland.

Hoppas resan hem gick bra, och att det inte går sex år tills vi ses igen...


2011-09-08 @ 18:00:14

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