Our sweet little angel and big brother Noah

Our sweet little girl is just a joy to be around. I can't belive it's already been 8 days with her in our lifes. It goes by so quickly and we already see changes in her. She is the most easy going kid I have seen I think. Just some food from mommy and she's in heaven. At night she has been waking up 2-3 times the last couple of nights so so far you can call me a lucky mother that actually feels very rested, fresh and full of positive energy. I didn't feel this back to my old self this early after delivering Noah. It's nice to have your body "back" and be able to move around a lot easier. At night though when I move around in bed or go to the bathroom I still fell very wobbly in my hips and do feel a lot of pain in my back. I can't wait to start getting back on track and start working out so that I can get my strong body back.  

Delilah is awake for about an hour at a time for about 2-3 times per day. It's real fun to have her in the Mendonca family and we are so lucky we get to be her parents. Bart told me he really thinks we are very cute family and I completly agree with my hubby.

Precious feet in a very proud mommy's hand. I want to stop the time and enjoy every little bit of my girl.

Look at her cute little face. Her nose, lips, ears and eyes - so perfectly tiny. I can just hold her in my arms and look at her for hours. If you would have a cutie like this you would understand. I see her hair is already a little longer, maybe I can braid it soon :) Is it too early to give her a little pedicure? :)  

Big brother Noah is taking care of her so good. I am so proud of my boy and the way it's all working out with his little sister in his life. To him it's like she has always been here. I don't see any jelous behaviour in him even though I have to spend so much time with Delilah. Of course it's all working a lot smother with Bart around. It's really a nice sight and makes me so happy when I see the two of them together. I can not belive those to darn cute kiddos are all mine. How come I get to be this lucky? I must have don something good in my life after all :) Nono (Noah's made up nick name for him self since we have been over here) is gentle with Delilah, it's like he knows she is fragile and little, a delicate litte flower just like her mom.

Delilah and daddy get some quality time together. Bart melts when he holds her and it's very nice to see the little girl on her dads chest.  

Noah got a hair cut the other day. He got to sit in this cool car and he loved it. When ever he forgot to sit still and try to look at us in stead I just told him to keep stearing the car and he got right back at doing that. He is so goofy our little Noah. I can't belive he is going to turn 2 soon. 

Is it possible to be more relaxed Dilly?

4 days as a family of 4

Our little princess has now been with us for 4 days. A very short time of course but still it feels like she has always been in our lifes. It's kind of wierd how much love it's possible to feel for our little family already, but the first time I laid my eyes on my little daughter I was hooked. I try to enjoy every moment with her because I know time goes by so quickly. Even the feedings at night, even though she doesn't eat more than every 3-4 hours, I enjoy with all my heart because I know one day will come when I will miss it. She is a very nice girl with a diffrent personality than Noah so far. She is very quiet and doesn't make a lot of noises so far. She sleeps a whole lot but has started to open her eyes a lot more this last day. It' s so cute to see her and talk to her a little when she is awake. But we all love to just sit there and hold her and let her be around us even though she is just sleeping. She's so little and precious that you just can't get enough of her. As you can tell, we are all just in love with this little girl!   

Big brother Noah is a real good brother. He likes to come up to her and hold her. He knows that he has to sit in the coach and gets ready to hold her. I am glad Bart is here now to help me out with Noah because he is still the no one Tarzan. I get to focus on the little girl while the boys wrestle in the backyard.

We gave Delilah her first bath today. She really seemed to enjoy it, as did her brother that was taking a shower at the same time. He decided to join her in her tub and squeezed in there with her. Dills was quiet the whole time and we had a cozy time getting her cleaned up.

Precious moments in the Mendonca family right now. I like to show you some of the one million pictures we have been taken lately. They speek for them self but as you can see they are filled with love.

Here comes the waterworks...

Listen to this amazing song! I cry every time!

Delilah Rose Maria is finally here

Our sweet little girl decided to surprise us 10 days early. She is the cutest, smallest little girl and we couldn't be happier that she chose us, Bart and I, to be her parents. Even though Bart didn't make it in time for her delivery I couldn't ask for a more perfect expreience with my mom and sister Jenny as my doulas. We had so much fun between my contrations, laughing to all my crazy comments being high on the laughing gas. I had an epidural and that was like heaven on earth. We all slept for 2 hours while I dialated from 3 to 10 cm feeling nothing but pure happiness to soon be blessed with my wonderful daughter. I pushed standing up on my knees in the bed and after a few contractions I had her in my arms. 6 lbs 11 oz (3055 gr) and 18 inc (46 cm) tall. Such a mini little one! I cried and screamed out of happiness and made her wet from all my tears flowing down on her. Finally I had my longed daughter in my arms.  

With Delilah being born it also ment that we where all going to be together as a family again, my wonderful husband Bart was on his way and a sigh of refief is gong through my body. We have made it through yet another challenging experience in our life. All my heart is filled with right is pure LOVE to my own little family. I have my own little daughter and all the dreams and I have for her is now happening right in front of our eyes. I better stop blogging right now and go down stairs to where my Dilly is speeping and nurse her a little. I am just going to sit there with her little body in my arms and enjoy each moment with her there. I am going to smell her new born smell and always try to remember it. I am going to feel her soft peach like skin and always try to remember that wonderful felling. What an amazing feeling being surrounded by your own children, your own blood. Love is what I am feeling and always will with my own family in my life.

Thanks to all my family for all the love and support we get. You guys are filled with so much love and we couldn't be happier to be surrounded by each one of you. Just look at these cute flowers that I got from my mom and Lasse yesteday when we got home from the hospital, a mom and daughter bouquet with a pink ribbon between. So precious and so filled with symbolism.  

Sorry for bad updates...

To all my fans out there...sorry for baaaad updates here on the blogg. Let me just update you guys on what we have been up to over here. I am tiiiiired...soooooo bad! This past week is the first actual time I have started to be be tired of being a big pregnant, hormon-filled bi**h with constant pain and a tiny bladder making me have to go potty every time I try to move...Yes, you here! As of today I am in week 37+4 and have officially 16 days untill I am litterly goigng to POP! Our days are filled with lots of action from a bored soon to be 2 year old little tarzan boy, who sadly has to deal with his mommys short temper and sort of slow moving giant body! Both Noah and I can't wait for Bart to get here. Somtimes I here Noah cry after daddy in his sleep or when he gets hurt he wants his daddy! I cry after Bart in my heart and need him here in my life to get me back on track and make me happy again. So my little pray today is: Little Delilah in my belly, could you possibly think to come out SOOOOON, preferably with some notice so that your amazing dad and my hubby can get his little butt over here on time to see you enter this world! We are longing to see you Dills and start our life with amazing little you! Peace out to you from a flipping tired and very mooooody (I am serious, nobody mess with this preggo) soon to be mother of 2/ Jojo  

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