Busy momma

It's nice to have such a little girl that fits into the closest laudry basket when I need to chase after Noah. She doesn't mind it as you can see. I don't know any baby more realxed than our Dilly. 

Delilah likes to hang around with mommy in the BabyBjorn. Just check out the cute little shirt and hat, my mom made for Milo, she is now wearing. Isn't she lovely? Thank God for her being so easy going not asking for anything but some food and love every once in while. It's staring to get pretty cold here right now so clothes like these are a must now a days. BabyBjorns comes in handy when you have a wild little boys running around everywhere.

Kiddos are sleeping and it's 8:30 pm. This momma is a tired but very happy. From the moment my little Tarzan opens his blue eyes in the morning around 7 ish our day begins. In and out of the house, chasing tha dogs, up and down the stairs, standing on his head in the coach while he chomps down on a carrot...crazy wild boy that keeps his mom on her feet, that is for sure. He loves to balance on the neighbours wall, as you can see from the pic above, that gets taller the further he walks on it. Scares the crap out of me when I see him up there. 
I took him to a very fun playground today with lots of swings, slides and even some animals. He got to get into the big area where they kept the rabbits and he absolutely loved to feed them some carrots. I left Delilah at home sleeping while my mom watched her. It's was nice to get some time just for him. Too bad he took a giant crap and I didn't bring the diaperbag to change him, so we had go home after 45 minutes. Ofcourse he balled his eyes out before I got him to let go of the swing he was sitting in. Poor little guy, he could have kept playing for another couple hours easily.
The other day I was sitting nursing Dilly when he runs into the house from the backyard screaming: Mom, I got it! I see it's a BIG spider he so proudly is showing me and I start screaming and jumps up with poor silly Dilly flying and so does my boob all over the place. Noah threw the spider at me in pure pannic and I screamed even more. I am trying really hard not to freak out so that he doesn't pick up bad spider phobia too. It's sucks!
Jenny, David, Milo, Caroline and Ida came over today and as always it's pretty caotic with all of us together. But I love it! I'd rather live like this all the days of my life than one single day alone with no sound a all. There is so much laughter and we all have so much fun I don't want the night to end. Noah and Milo play together really good except a few occational fist fights ;) Silly boys! Noah didn't nap today and fell asleep in one second when it was time for bed. Dilly fell asleep like 10 minutes later. I love when they syncronise, wich happens more often than you'd think. See ya later aligator...like Nono says 

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Why's my baby in a laundry basket?

2011-09-02 @ 05:55:56

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